The Best Asset Manager of Metaverse

VVGuild aims to be one of the most valued organizations of its kind. With the DAO positioned at the forefront of NFT gaming and the Metaverse,we seeks to integrate TradFi and DeFi investors into the emerging market of NFTs, Metaverse and PlayToEarn industry.

We will connect investors who don’t have the time to play P2E games and players who don’t have the funds to invest in these NFT assets, maximizing the potential of both sides.

Our proprietary system enable investors and scholars to generate enormous returns by introducing high potential projects with significant low risk.
We are at the origins of the new virtual economy infrastructure, which will become the financial system foundation of the metaverse.


Strong Financial Resources

Compared to traditional guilds which are mostly run by players with limited access to financial solutions ,we have partnered with reputable financial institutions with more than USD 50M DAM. Riding on its rich financial heritage , VVG is poised to be the game changer and industry leader.

DAO Launchpad

A decentralized venture fund that provides an opportunity for investors and players themselves to become early investors of new potential games

Built-In Play-to-Earn Oracles

With DeFI integration for automated compounding yields.

NFT Vaults​

That acquires promising virtual assets in VC funding and puts them into vaults where investors can earn through staking.

Full Transparency

Where investors can track performance of their portfolio in Real Time.


VVG management has vast experiences in Trade, Flip and invest in Blockchain NFTs including PFP, Metaverse and GameFi.

Notable metaverse projects that VVG has participated in include:

Vast Blue Chip NFT collection including:


VVG not only operates as a guild, but also invests in the DeFi digital asset management of Savage DAM and VanguardX in 2021, focusing on providing quality digital asset management for private and institutional investors.

The funds target high-yield potential in the DeFi space, with the goal to help clients profit from the complex market of cryptonomics.


Managed P2E

All-New Play-to-Earn Model where participant allows the Guild to manage their NFT assets on their behalf and enjoy stable earnings with absolute peace of mind!

Scholarship Program​

With over well-trained 2000 scholars under our scholarship program, we are able to effectively Play-to-Earn & generate returns from participants



(Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

Become a Node Operator & Participate in Our Community Governance

Each Node is responsible for the governance and development of its community. Each Node can participate in the entire DAO’s Governance and Development. Each Node will enjoy the Autonomous Community Rewards & Airdrops from the DAO. Each Node will enjoy the earnings from its community & development bonus from VVG DAO.

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